Making hybrid workforces healthier and more productive. Guaranteed.

Hybrid work environments come with health and productivity challenges

Your employee’s workstation both in office and at home is where the focused work gets done and where health challenges can emerge.

Hybrid workforce

Keep hybrid workers healthy and productive by reducing sedentary behavior and improving posture

It is essential to provide your workforce with the tools and proper work environment to be comfortable, healthy, engaged and productive – both in office and at home.

Imagine a solution that...

  • Increases employee engagement and productivity regardless of where they work.
  • Reduces health risks, workplace injuries and worker’s comp costs. 
  • Maximizes your investment in height adjustable workstations by increasing usage.

StanData maximizes the employee health, engagement and productivity benefits associated with height adjustable workstations, whether in-office or remote. 

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See How it Works.

Quick Setup

Connect any height adjustable workstation enabling real time qualitative and quantitative data metrics.

Real Time Data Visibility Critical in Shared Workstation Environments

View shared workstation occupancy information, make future reservations and link to any available workstation to access saved preferences.

Turn Your Height Adjustable  Workstation Investment into an Appreciating Asset

StanData’s Performance Groups have been proven to significantly increase desk usage, driving engagement and delivering a documented ROI.

Gamification guaranteed to work

80% of current gamified enterprise operations fail due to poor design. Our formula works. Guaranteed.

Seamless Data Integration into Your Existing Software Platform

Easily export your data into your existing iWMS and/or Workplace Wellness Platforms.

StanData helps you promote:


With proven 85% employee engagement, StanData provides a true “Wellness While you Work” solution that encourages movement throughout the workday


StanData’s performance groups encourage a sense of inclusion and being part of a team, which increases employee engagement.

Office Logistics

Improve the utilization of your in-office focused work shared workstation area with StanData’s easy to deploy Hoteling and Hot-Desking for focused work areas.

Human Performance

StanData is a best-in-class workstation data provider of real-time qualitative and quantitative data metrics capable of delivering a measurable ROI.

Used By:

StanData has proven to deliver validated, measurable results:

Employees take 3.4 fewer breaks per day due to discomfort

Additional hours of employee productivity per year


of users have more energy at work


of users are more engaged


of users have greater job satisfaction

(Data has been ratified by The Validation Institute. Results were compiled with StanData’s Connected Technology Platform supplied with and linked to SmartLegs by LifeDesk® from Right Height Manufacturing via Bluetooth.)

Easy integration

StanData is capable of seamlessly integrating into your existing Integrated Workplace Management or Wellness Management software platforms with no downloads required.

StanData app
StanData app

Ready to access real time employee data that improves health, safety and human performance?

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