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50% of Americans are afraid to return to the office*

Alleviate their Anxiety with StanData

Bring your employees back to the office safely and efficiently using StanData’s easy to deploy Employee Wellness Software with Hoteling, Hot-Desking and Contact Tracing Capabilties.

*CBS News, Megan Cerullo
StanData Hybrid Workforce management

Create a flexible office space for your hybrid workers

Remote work has had its pluses and minuses. HYBRID WORK however, whenever possible, provides a win-win for employers and employees.

With StanData’s patented workstation technology, you can:

  • Reduce your office footprint by adding the flexibility of Hoteling and Hot-Desking.
  • Bring your workers back safely and securely with Contact Tracing Capabilities.
  • Improve employee health, productivity, and engagement with our Workplace Wellness module.

Improve employee health and improve your business

Employers make heavy investments in insurance and workplace wellness programs for their most important asset — their employees. Yet, studies show that the most “at-risk” employees rarely participate in such programs to improve health and productivity, costing employers more in premiums and underutilized programs.

Participation rates typically range between 20 – 40%. However, many of these participants are already committed to their health outside the work space.

At-risk employees are less likely to opt-into an employer-sponsored wellness initiative, costing businesses over $1 billion in lost productivity or absenteeism.

The StanData App reporting

Engage More Employees

What if you could engage more employees in a wellness activity designed to improve their health while at work?

To engage employees, wellness activities must accomplish four things: be easy to participate in, be fun, be rewarding and provide meaningful feedback.

StanData accomplishes this allowing you to transform your sit-stand workstations into a powerful wellness tool that encourages use through fun, gamification and feedback.

How StanData’s Technology Engages Employees

It’s Easy to Particpate

A true “Wellness While you Work” solution that encourages movement throughout the workday and requires no additional time commitment outside of work.

It’s Fun

Moving throughout the day is the most inclusive wellness activity available. Proper education, reminders, group gamification and reporting makes it fun and allows users to challenge themselves.

It Provides Feedback

StanData reports performance levels directly to the employee on demand, allowing them to see the results of desk usage and evaluate their progress.

It’s Rewarding

StanData’s Performance Group protocols allow organizations to incentivize particpation and usage and encourage partipcants to reach their goals.

StanData’s Patented Connected Technology has PROVEN to deliver validated, measurable results.

Employees take 3.4 fewer breaks per day due to discomfort

Additional hours of employee productivity per year


of users have more energy at work


of users are more engaged


of users have greater job satisfaction

(Data has been ratified by The Validation Institute. Results were compiled with StanData’s Connected Technology Platform supplied with and linked to SmartLegs by LifeDesk® from Right Height Manufacturing via Bluetooth.)

And now, we’re introducing StanData’s FREE Universal Wellness While You Work™ Software

StanData’s technology works with ANY sit-stand desk and transforms it into a wellness and productivity tool

The proven results of using StanData while connected to a bluetooth -enabled workstation inspired us to create a new Universal mode (currently in Beta) that allows users of any sit-stand workstation to track their desk usage, create a transition plan and get transition reminders through their computer’s web browser or mobile device.  VIEW FEATURES »

The StanData App reporting

Unlock the full potential of your height adjustable office workstations

Our Enterprise Level Wellness While You Work™ PILOT Programs using StanData’s Connected Mode in conjunction with Group Gamification have shown to increase usage and participation 85%

See How It Works

StanData provides technology that will not only facilitate frequent desk transitions, but will also serve to educate the end user to ensure proper positioning and usage.

Used By

Human Resources

Maximize the efficiency of your human capital by reducing workstation discomfort and the current levels of absenteeism & presenteeism with StanData.

Improved Health and Wellness

Employees who use StanData with their sit-stand workstations have reported less pain, more energy and improved overall health as a result of proper sit-stand desk usage.

Financial Benefits

StanData improves your bottom line with increased employee productivity and reduced healthcare spend.

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