Maximize all the potential benefits associated with proper sit-stand desk usage.

StanData is a modular software system with components designed to educate, remind and report user metrics. Additional functionality includes staff surveys, team management, and workplace management.

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StanData guided sit-stand desk usage

Create Healthy Habits

Transition reminders will make proper utilization of your sit-stand desk a habit.

Guided Ergonomics

 StanData provides recommended desk heights and transition plans based on user profile.

Improve Productivity

Improved desk usage leads to increased productivity among users by increasing movement and improving health. 

Multi-desk Database

Store multiple desks and unique height settings for any in-office, remote or WFH workstation options you use.

Easy to Get Started

Easy to access in your browser or to set up on your iOS or Android device. No  need to sign up for basic features.

Wellness Analytics

StanData will show you how often you transition, your percent standing and your extra calories burned.


Team competition, challenges and incentives help drive even greater levels of engagement.


Advanced features

Optional functionality includes Surveys, Reservationing/Hotdesking and Direct Interface with many desk models.

Getting Started

StanData is easy to setup and start using 

Get the StanData App

Access the software on your desktop/laptop using Chrome or download the mobile app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Define a Workstation

Works with any height-adjustable desk. Simply add and configure your manual or electric desk settings using the step-by-step guide.

Customize Your Settings

Individual customization and data allows the hybrid worker to save their workstation settings – at the office or at home.

Monitor Results

Review daily, weekly and monthly statistics of transition frequency, sit/stand percentages and extra calories burned as a result of your desk usage relative to your goals in easy to interpret graphs.

Desk Coaching

Over 90% of sit-stand desk users aren’t aware of how often they should transition from sitting to standing throughout the day and as little as 7% of users use their sit-stand desks after three months. Using software-based reminders such as StanData increase standing rates and desk usage.

Increase Employee Engagement

StanData’s performance groups encourage a sense of inclusion and being part of a team, which increases employee engagement and have proven to significantly increase desk usage, delivering a documented ROI.

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