Optimize sit-stand workstation performance with documented results

Leverage technology to turn your existing sit-stand workstations into the health and productivity solution you thought you were getting.

Our proprietary software increases and measures sit-stand workstation effectiveness at the user and enterprise level.

StanData transforms virtually any electric sit stand workstation into a wellness and productivity tool capable of delivering quantitative and qualitative metrics at the user and enterprise level.

Our patent pending technology delivers “the missing link” that allows you to determine your sit-stand ROI.

Have you ever wondered if your employees will use the sit-stand desks you’ve invested in? The StanData app can tell you!

  • Increasing your organization’s usage rate is the most impactful way to maximize your return on investment.
  • Our patent pending technology can encourage usage and engagement.
  • It measures if and how often and interprets the data to gauge performance, productivity and determines your ROI.

*Data reflects percent of respondents reporting in a recent survey of StanData users.

What the Data Shows


Typical percentage of sit-stands that are actively used after 3 months


Reported increase in workspace comfort when proper settings and transitions are used.


Typical overall user engagement with StanData’s group gamification technology.

Aetna, a LifeDesk customer
Coliers, a LifeDesk customer
Dartmouth, a LifeDesk customer
Baker Hughes, a LifeDesk customer
Harvard University, a LifeDesk customer
Penn State, a LifeDesk customer
Pratt & Whitney, a LifeDesk customer
Verizon, a LifeDesk customer
Voya, a LifeDesk customer

What makes StanData Different

Surveys have shown...

...that over 90% of sit-stand desk users aren’t aware of how often they should transition from sitting to standing throughout the day.

Our patent pending technology:

  • Easily pairs with your mobile device
  • Gets you up and running in a matter of minutes
  • Trains you how to effectively use your sit stand desk
  • Tracks your performance in real time.

Best of all, our technology is able to deliver tangible, measurable results at the enterprise level.

Case Closed.

Improved Engagement and Productivity

Without a means to better engage people, productivity takes a hit, and the organization suffers. A Gallup Poll reveals that employee lack of interest and unwillingness to engage actively in their jobs leads to nearly $370 billion in annual losses in U.S. alone.

Desks Powered by StanData Technology Improve Engagement and Productivity

  • 88% of survey respondents using desks powered by StanData technology stated that their productivity increased.
  • Follow that with 100% user satisfaction. We've never had a product return. Ever.

Explains why desks powered by StanData technology come out on top in 95% of side by side comparisons.


Gamification encourages usage. Gartner expects gamification to be the primary mechanism used by at least 40 percent of Fortune 1000 companies to transform business operations by next year.

You can now gamify your sit-stand workstations and increase their proper usage. Game over.

Performance. To another level.

According to Gartner, businesses successful in engaging users through gamification have seen 250 percent higher growth than their peers.

Let StanData show you how it can help take your desks and your company to another level.

Test the benefits of StanData-powered sit-stand desks in your office with our Pilot Program.

Your Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Work Healthier. Live Better. With StanData.