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StanData Technology is a best-in-class patented software provider that is guaranteed to improve engagement, health and productivity of the hybrid worker as they perform focused work tasks both in-office and remote. Through a combination of proprietary gamification protocols along with education and reminders on the proper use of the hybrid worker’s electric height adjustable workstation, StanData delivers mission critical real time employee data and insights that increases proper workstation usage, reduces the number of breaks needed due to discomfort, and increases employee job satisfaction.

Michael Kind

Michael Kind


Founded the JKG Group, a printing company, in 1984 at the age of 23. Sold a majority share of the business to a family fund in 1994, subsequently running the firm as President and COO until 2004

Spearheaded the development of proprietary software that automated the ordering and production of stationery products for large corporations. Technology innovation led to 300% growth over 4 years from 1999 to 2003.

In 2008, acquired Jaymil Active Furniture, the precursor to Summit Ergonomics, Right Height Manufacturing, and StanData

Tom Benstein

Tom Benstein


Prior experience includes working as a CTO for one of Florida’s top commercial printers. Served as JKG Group’s CTO for 20 years.

Was running his own firm, Art of Technology, where he and his team designed and implemented software for 3 years prior to teaming up with Mike and StanData.

David Bernardi

David Bernardi

VP of R&D

Founded and sold a medical distribution company to a publicly-traded firm. Was a COO of a Connecticut ergonomics business and managed key accounts such as Verizon, Aetna and Select Medical

Joined Mkind, Inc. as President of Summit Ergonomics in 2016 and leads StanData’s Data Analytics and R&D

BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and a MS in Bioengineering from the University of Utah

Kyle York

Kyle York

Senior Advisor

Kyle York serves is a Senior Advisor to StanData. He is co-founder, CEO and managing partner at York IE™ where he sets the vision and leads the vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm helping reshape the way companies are built, scaled and monetized.

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