We’re currently experiencing a U.S. job market that’s hotter than ever. With 11 million job openings in early November 2021,1 employers need to do whatever they can to attract, engage, and retain their workforce. Though benefits programs have always been a key component of employee recruitment and retention, employees today are looking beyond standard office place “perks” – especially in a world with a more remote and hybrid workforce – and want to better understand how employers are investing in their health. Employee satisfaction is now more intricately tied to health and wellness than ever before.

Wellness challenges in a work from home world

Not only has the job market shifted but so have the mentalities of executives and employees alike regarding the traditional work week: Monday through Friday, 9-5 in the office. One-third of executive leaders plan to let their office space leases expire and permanently transition employees to working remotely.2 This shift aligns with workforce preferences; 65% of employees said they want to continue working remotely, 33% prefer a hybrid workplace environment, and 2% want to return to the office.

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Because the remote-hybrid work model is here to stay, traditional employee wellness programs may not be as effective for a workforce that isn’t in the office, and cannot physically participate in traditional wellness programs. These traditional wellness programs often involve onsite offerings such as fitness classes, health clinics, or mental health counseling sessions – but there have been various barriers to receiving these services (not to mention employees’ hesitations to participate because of COVID-19). 

An employee’s health and wellness cannot be deprioritized or ignored as it can impact every aspect of their personal and professional lives. Regardless of setting – remote, hybrid, or in-office – employers must find ways to empower employees to remain productive, healthy, and engaged. 

Achieving overall employee wellness with StanData

All employees, regardless of where they work, that are equipped with a height adjustable workstation powered by StanData’s technology, have the ability to stay healthy and productive by reducing sedentary behavior and improving posture. StanData is powerful wellness tool that encourages employee use through fun, gamification, and feedback. 

StanData users can set proper desk heights while they work regardless of position, create a plan to transition from sitting to standing, and receive transition reminders through their computer’s web browser or mobile device; these transitions can have incredible health benefits for employees and can help contribute to improved employee wellness. As employers seek ways to optimize their health and wellness programs, they need look no further than StanData; in fact, 48% of StanData users have reported a higher level of job satisfaction while they work. By leveraging StanData, employers can increase employee engagement, productivity, health, and wellness – no matter where they work.

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