As the variant delays return-to-office plans, making sure employees have proper home office setups is essential

At the onset of the pandemic, companies were forced to quickly pivot to remote working operations and many expected it to be a temporary solution. As the variant has caused more uncertainty and delayed the return-to-office plans for companies, the importance of a proper work from home setup has become essential.

A home office, or rather a proper setup to work from home, has become more than just a luxury in today’s world. 

Major companies all over the world are constantly scrapping and rewriting their return-to-office plans, with some already planning to delay requiring their employees to come back to the office until 2022. For these companies, it is imperative that their employees have the proper tools and support to perform their jobs successfully when working remotely or in the office.

How companies are helping hybrid employees

To assist with remote work setups and home offices, many companies are providing financial support and assistance to their employees for working from home expenses, often helping to offset costs of the employee’s internet or wireless phone service, or to be used for office equipment. Others have provided a general stipend to be used at the employee’s discretion, which can have unintentional consequences if there are no parameters in place or guidance on how the employee should spend it, and others are giving employees a list of approved items that they can expense to the company.

To maximize employee productivity while working remotely, organizations need to be sure that their employees have the tools needed to be successful. 

Boosting employee productivity with height-adjustable workstations

When used properly, a height-adjustable workstation can be the greatest tool for employee productivity, engagement, and health, but many are still using it incorrectly, inconsistently, or not at all.

StanData’s best-in-class workstation technology is compatible with any height-adjustable desk and sets up a personalized plan for each individual user. Factoring in the user’s height, StanData’s software will give users the proper setting for their workstation at both the seated and standing options, along with creating a transition schedule and sending reminders to keep them engaged and active with their program. As users move from sitting to standing, physical discomfort decreases resulting in fewer breaks during the workday, more engaged employees, and an overall increase in energy levels.

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