As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wind down in many parts of the world, the majority are still trying to navigate what the new normal will look like; what trends will prevail and become standard, and what will become an outdated practice. A hybrid work model that embraces office-centric collaborative work and remote focus work has gained popularity and shown that it is here to stay in the post-pandemic society. According to a Microsoft study, it is clear that employees crave flexibility, with over 70% expressing their desire for remote options to continue along with over 65% still looking for more time in-person with their peers. 

This trend has become impossible for employers to ignore. 66% of business decision-makers are looking at redesigning their spaces to accommodate a hybrid work environment that easily allows and encourages employees to maximize productivity during the time they spend in the office. While this focus is rooted in good intentions, organizations may have too much tunnel vision on the return to the office while neglecting the needs of hybrid workers while working from home. 

Hybrid Work Essentials

As employees and employers alike scrambled to keep things running as smoothly as possible at the onset of the pandemic, many were forced to make do with the resources available to them. Couches became office chairs, kitchen counters became standing desks, even some bathtubs became a secluded area to take a meeting from, and while there is something to be said for the creativity stemming from the necessity, the truth of the matter is that none of these environments scream proper ergonomic practices. 

Nearly one-third of employers are not helping with any remote work expenses, and those offering support oftentimes only focus on the “essentials” such as a work-issued computer, computer accessories (mouse, keyboard), or internet/phone financial support. Sadly, the most critical tool for focus work at any home office, a height-adjustable workstation, is widely overlooked. 

Prolonged sedentary behavior can have serious detrimental effects, such as increased risks of many chronic diseases, negatively impacting mental health, and increased reports of physical discomfort that leads to more breaks throughout the day, reduced employee productivity, and lower engagement levels.

As many companies look to redesign their office settings to breed higher levels of collaboration, a large number of height-adjustable desks are sitting unused in empty offices while employees spend the majority of their time working from home. There is an opportunity for these employers to make a significant investment in their employees by sending these workstations to their homes, creating more dedicated employees while increasing employee productivity and talent retention.

How Can StanData Help?

StanData’s best-in-class software helps employees unlock the full benefits of their height-adjustable workstation while providing results to employers that give a measurable ROI. Sit-stand desks can now become more than just an office trend or a value-adding buzzword when giving candidates a rundown of your company culture. For so long, HR departments and office administrators knew that standing desks added value for their employees, but had no real quantitative data to confirm it.

Compatible with almost all height-adjustable workstations, StanData’s platform creates a sit-stand transition schedule for each employee that encourages them to use their workstation through gamification protocols, progress tracking, and usage levels. Typical users report taking 3.4 fewer breaks per day, equating to roughly 147 hours per work year, and 64% of users report having more energy at work, and 58% report feeling more engaged.

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About StanData

StanData Technology is a best-in-class patented software provider that is guaranteed to improve engagement, health and productivity of the hybrid worker as they perform focused work tasks both in-office and remote. Through a combination of proprietary gamification protocols along with education and reminders on the proper use of the hybrid worker’s electric height adjustable workstation – an essential tool to perform focused work – StanData delivers mission critical real time employee data and insights that increases proper workstation usage, reduces the number of breaks needed due to discomfort, and increases employee job satisfaction. Make your desks smart at standata.com.