Correct usage turns any height-adjustable workstation into a tool for health, productivity, and engagement

Long before the onset of the pandemic, businesses and individuals alike were investing in sit-stand desks. They became recruitment tools for employers as they interviewed prospective workers and there was a widely accepted thought that it was better for an individual’s health to allow for the option to stand rather than just sitting all day. While this isn’t necessarily incorrect, it does not tell the full story or the importance of using a height-adjustable workstation properly. 

Using a height-adjustable workstation properly is more than just standing

The real key to unlocking the benefits of a height-adjustable workstation comes not from standing itself, but rather from the transition between sitting and standing. A study by Joan Vernikos conducted with NASA showed that true benefit is the actual movement against gravity that occurs as an individual goes from sitting to standing, not the sole act of standing for a period of time. If the goal is to stand for two hours a day, it is actually more effective for an individual to stand for 15-minutes at a time 8 times a day, rather than standing for two hours straight.

It is a common misconception that just standing while working is all it takes to reap the benefits that everyone hears about. While working from a kitchen counter or even stacking up a bunch of books to bring your computer up to standing level can help, that still doesn’t mean it is the most effective way to improve comfort and productivity. A big factor, which is often overlooked when using a standing desk, is having it set at the correct height for the user. Without a proper ergonomic setup, a standing desk at an incorrect height can cause unintentional physical strain.

The transition to a better solution

StanData understands that the best way to improve your employee experience is to give them all of the proper tools and support to succeed. StanData’s software is designed to improve employee health and engagement by utilizing their height-adjustable desk and providing the knowledge and training to use it correctly. StanData’s technology creates a personalized plan for each individual to help them unlock the full potential of their sit-stand desk. By using a standing desk properly, individuals experience an increase in productivity and engagement, and a reduction in physical discomfort, leading to fewer breaks.

Through gamification protocols and reminders, StanData software encourages users to follow their personalized transition schedule to shift between periods of sitting and standing. Employees are able to track their own individual usage and monitor their progress, while employers are able to access reporting on employee performance, usage, and engagement levels to turn their height-adjustable workstations into measurable ROI.

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