Updates help companies embrace new working arrangements to improve engagement and retention of employees

(Manchester, NH, October 4, 2021) StanData, a best-in-class patented software provider that improves the productivity, engagement, and health of hybrid workforces, today launched a desk reservation system to help companies and their employees embrace the shift to hoteling and hot-desking.

The desk reservation system is part of StanData’s new product updates, which also includes improvements to the user experience, analytics, and reporting. 

“The shift to hybrid work has been difficult for many organizations,” states StanData CEO, Mike Kind. “This was largely uncharted territory prior to the onset of Covid-19 and with the uncertainty of the timeline of the return to the office and pre-pandemic working arrangements due to the variants, many more are adopting a hybrid work model as their solution.”

StanData software is compatible with any sit-stand desk and allows users to track desk usage, create a personalized plan for transitions from sitting to standing and the proper ergonomic settings of each, and receive transition reminders. Through proprietary group gamification protocols, StanData encourages workers to correctly use their height-adjustable workstations and unlock their full benefit potential.

As companies worldwide began, and continue, to reduce their physical office spaces, management of hybrid settings becomes even more critical. While some companies have set up rotating schedules between departments for who is allowed in the office on a given day, others have left it up to the employee’s discretion on when, or if, they want to physically attend their offices. The reduction in the physical space along with the uncertainty of the exact number of employees in attendance on a given day has given rise to the popularity of hoteling, or hot-desking, which allows an individual to reserve a desk for their use.

Organizations can now work with StanData to add their personalized floor plan for their user group, allowing users to now leverage a desk reservation system to see available desks in their office and assure their place in the office on that particular day. For the companies that have reduced physical space, share office space, or have frequent working visitors, hoteling has been an effective solution, especially when paired with height-adjustable desks, so that a worker of any height may sit or stand comfortably while working, improving the overall employee experience as well.

“As we are seeing more companies adopt hybrid models and reduce their physical footprint, many companies are looking for solutions that allow them to still safely and comfortably accommodate the workforce still coming into the workplace,” says John Zhang, General Manager US Operations, Jiecang Linear Motion, a worldwide supplier of OEM solutions for intelligent offices. “Adding a hotdesking feature into a workforce engagement software is a huge perk for organizations utilizing this solution and those looking to maximize their smaller spaces.”

For more information, visit standata.com. 


StanData Technology is a best-in-class patented software provider that is guaranteed to improve engagement, health and productivity of the hybrid worker as they perform focused work tasks both in-office and remote. Through a combination of proprietary gamification protocols along with education and reminders on the proper use of the hybrid worker’s electric height adjustable workstation – an essential tool to perform focused work – StanData delivers mission critical real time employee data and insights that increases proper workstation usage, reduces the number of breaks needed due to discomfort, and increases employee job satisfaction. Make your desks smart at standata.com.