StanData’s Sensors & Compatibility

Universal Sensor

StanData’s Universal sensor can be used with any workstation simply by placing the sensor underneath the work surface with the supplied adhesive, centered within the seated work area, approximately 12- 18 inches from the front of the work surface. The sensor connects to any desk-top or laptop computer via USB.

With fixed height desks, workstation availability and movement reminders can be sent to employees and when affixed to any height adjustable desk, employees can engage with wellness tracking as well.

Integrated Sensor

StanData’s integrated sensor is compatible with approximately 40 different height adjustable desk manufacturers, and ships as a standard item with all SmartLegs by LifeDesk® accessories.

Connection to occupant’s computing device can be made via USB or Bluetooth as shown and can also connect to Smart Devices if Bluetooth is used.

Height Adjustable Workstation Compatibility

To determine if your height-adjustable workstation is compatible, the control box should be:

  1. Shaped as one of the two devices shown in Fig. 1
  2. AND have the label shown on the short side as with either v4.2 or v.5.4 in the code as shown in Fig. 2

If the box is the same shape with a similar label, but another version aside from 4.2 or 5.4, StanData can exchange the box with the upgraded software for a minimal charge.

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Figure 1

Figure 2

Some of the more popular height adjustable desk manufacturers include


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