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Track and store sit-stand data at the Enterprise Level

Organizations consistently strive to maximize their return on investment and enhance productivity. The StanData Enterprise Software was designed with that in mind. With the StanData Enterprise Software, your company can now manage activity across the entire organization, by department or by workstation (identified by workstation ID) and even more.

Why a Pilot Program?

You’ll join a diverse group of companies that are studying the effectiveness of sit-stand desks within their organizations using an exciting new solution that combines the StanData software and the Enterprise Analytics Suite.

You’ll be able to determine if your organization has optimized the effectiveness of sit-stand desks without needing to rely on case studies and academic articles.

We will deliver data collected anonymously from YOUR people that allows you to determine if implementing sit-stand desks within your organization is right for you.

Track and store sit-stand data at the Enterprise Level*

Organizations can track employee desk usage with StanData using the app in either the Universal mode or the Connected mode, making any sit-stand workstation in the organization a powerful wellness tool.

Measure Productivity
Feedback from our users shows that employees using the StanData Enterprise Software perform better than those that don’t. 

Maximize ROI
The StanData app is capable of engaging over 80% ofall employees and encourages at-risk employees to participate through group gamification, via interdepartmental contests for proper sit to stand usage.

Lower Health Insurance Costs
We are currently working with health insurance carriers to offer rebates for proper desk usage by allowing enterprises to upload the data to the carrier.

Customize Your Data
Employee usage may not be the only data that matters. We can create custom modules to help control or limit desk movement for power management or other reasons.


A minimum of 10 participants is required for proper administration of the program.

We will report on data obtained through questionnaires administered before and after the program measuring the subjective impact of the StandData app on users’ comfort, health and productivity.

We will also provide actual metrics related to daily transitions, percent of time standing, active users and calories burned.

Finally, we will extrapolate ROI based on utilization rates demonstrated during the Pilot Program.

After the duration of the Pilot Program, you can continue to receive reports outlining the data anonymously collected from the program participants for $25 per user per year.


Works with any sit-stand workstations

Your pilot program can be started no matter what kind of sit-stand workstations your organization has now using the mobile app or accessing StanData via a web browser in Universal mode.

Free access to the app

The employee app and app usage is free both during the pilot program after it’s conclusion. Should you want to conintue to monitor your workstations and receive reports, there is a $25 per user per year charge.

Convert your electric sit-stand desks

To maximize your reporting and benefits, you can convert your compatible electric sit-stand desk for use with StanData’s Connected mode at a cost of $100 per desk.

Integration with wellness program software

Integrating the Enterprise Suite into your company’s wellness program at the conclusion of the pilot program encourages continued engagement and improved productivity and health benefits. To help with this, the data can be integrated with your wellness software such as Virgin Pulse/RedBrick, Limeade, and Corehealth.

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*Enterprise level access is part of the Sit-Stand Pilot Program. Continued access after Pilot Program is available for a small per unit monthly charge based on number of units managed,

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