Hybrid Workforce

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Flexible work is here to stay. While many have embraced the many positives that have emerged with flexible work, such as more time with family and no commute, there have also been challenges.

These challenges include:

  • Isolation
  • Maintaining engagement
  • More sedentary
  • Improper office setups can lead to increased pain and discomfort
  • Mental health
  • Employee well-being
  • Morale

StanData is the solution for the Hybrid Workforce

StanData Technology is a best-in-class patented software provider that is guaranteed to improve engagement, health and productivity of the hybrid worker as they perform focused work tasks both in-office and remote.

Benefits of setting up proper in home office environments

  • Mitigate potential of injury claims. 
  • Reduce sedentary behavior
  • Keep employees healthy and engaged
  • Investing in employees physical and mental wellbeing
  • Enhance culture 
  • Alleviate isolation
  • Incorporate team challenges
  • Studies show payback is 90 days or less for people working in home at least 3 days per week.

StanData enables organizations to transform any height adjustable workstation into a powerful wellness tool that encourages employee use through fun, gamification and feedback.

StanData provides performance levels directly to the employee, allowing them to see the results of desk usage and evaluate their progress. Users can track their desk usage, create a plan to transition from sitting to standing and get transition reminders through their computer’s web browser or mobile device.

Typical results derived from StanData’s performance groups with proprietary gamification protocols, show that users will:

  • Increase proper workstation usage and engagement from between 7 and 20 percent to over 85%
  • Take 3.4 fewer breaks daily due to discomfort, which translates into 147 hours (or 3 ½ weeks) of additional employee output.
  • With 64% of users report having more energy at work:
    • 58% report being more engaged; and
    • 48% state they have a higher level of job satisfaction.
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StanData is dedicated to helping employers prepare for the new hybrid work model, which is why we launched HybridWorkHub, to serve as a free resource as we learn and grow together.
at HybridWorkHub you will find:

  • The latest news and research on hybrid work
  • Tools and resources
  • Experiences from other leaders

Give your Hybrid Workers a home office guaranteed to improve health, performance and productivity for as little as $19.00/month.