Improve employee health, engagement, productivity and your bottom line with StanData

With two modes available, Universal and Connected, StanData can be used with any sit-stand workstation helping employees move more, work healthier and live better.

Reminding you or your employees to move during the day

StanData will remind you to move from a sitting to standing position throughout the day and educate you about proper posture and usage.

Create Healthy Habits

Transition reminders will make proper utilization of your sit-stand desk a habit.

Track Your Progress

StanData will show you how often you transition, your percent standing and your extra calories burned.

Easy to Get Started

Easy to access in your browser or to set up on your iOS or Android device. No  need to sign up for basic features.


The StanData Enterprise suite is completely customizable and allows you to track and manage desks as needed.

Improve Productivity

Improved desk usage leads to increased productivity among users by increasing movement and improving health. 


Increase Desk Usage

It’s easy to forget to transition from sitting to standing. StanData encourages users to transition through reminders and goal-setting.

Works with Any Sit-Stand Desk

StanData offers two modes to users, Universal and Connected.

Universal Mode
The Universal mode allows users of any sit-stand workstation to create a transition plan and set transition reminders to improve desk usage from their desktop or mobile device. 

Connected Mode
The Connected Mode when used in conjunction with a blue-tooth enabled sit-stand desk from 40 different manufacturers, allows users to control and monitor their desk from their desktop or mobile device, create a transition plan, establish goals, program memory settings for proper heights.

Need better insights into employee desk usage?

Many businesses provide sit-stand desks to employees as a medical accommodation or workplace benefit. However, often, desks go unused or are improperly used, making the investment difficult to justify.

StanData’s Enterprise Level technology enables businesses to improve employee usage and engagement, monitor and track all the desks in their organization and  measure the ROI on their investment.

Explore the Benefits of Being Connected

Recommended Desk Positioning Based on Your Height
Input your height and the app will provide you with the recommended heights for sitting and standing, based on anthropometric normative databases.

Memory settings allow you to easily store your height preferences
Even if you travel between regional offices, co-working spaces, or your home office, your settings stay with you wherever you go.

Sit-stand reminders & rewards
In accordance with the latest research, StanData provides subtle reminders to transition between sitting & standing to help drive behavioral change and better health habits. The user has the ability to select the transition plan that works best for their personal preferences and fitness level or selectively turn off the reminders when needed.

Easy pairing with Smartphone or Digital Bluetooth device
You can easily pair your digital device to your desk with StanData’s auto-pairing technology. Used in conjunction with a compatible blue-tooth enabled sit-stand desk, StanData can train you to use your desk more effectively and track your performance in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

StanData is free for individual users and businesses. To access the reporting tools of the Enterprise Suite, there is a cost of $25 per user per year.

What sit-stand workstations is StanData compatible with?

When used in Universal Mode, StanData (both mobile and web-based) works with any sit-stand workstation to provide transition reminders and usage data. In Connected Mode, StanData works with desks produced by a number of manufacturers. Please see our conversion/compatibility page for more information.

What is the difference between Universal and Connected modes?

The Universal mode allows users to receive sit-stand reminders and to track posture changes regardless of the type of sit-stand workstation used. The Connected mode uses bluetooth to pair a compatible sit-stand desk desk to control the motion of the desk, save memory settings and track usage.

What browsers does the web-based version work with?

Currently, StanData when used in Connected Mode is only compatible with Chrome, which includes the technology to support the feature-rich solutions of StanData’s software. When used in Universal Mode, you can use any web browser you choose.

Do I need to download anything to use with my browser?

No. There is no software to download to your computer when using the web-based version. Simply navigate to the app URL to start using.

Do I need an account?

You can begin using the basic features of the Connected Mode to change your desk height. However, to access any of the features in the Universal Mode or to create transition plans, store your height or access usage data, you will need to create an account.

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