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With two modes available, StanData can be used with any sit-stand workstation helping you move more, work healthier and live better. 

Two Modes For Any Workstation.

Connected Mode

The StanData Connected Mode works with desks from 40 different manufacturers. To determine if you are able to use StanData in connected mode, we need to gather some information about your desk.

  1. Is your desk electric?
  2. Does your desk have a “Bluetooth Dongle” as shown. 
  3. Is your desktop/mobile device Bluetooth enabled and turned on?

If you answered yes, to these questions, your desk should be compatible with the Connected Mode allowing you to control your desk from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device or computer.

Simply access StanData, select Connected Mode and pair your desk and device.

Universal Mode

In order to allow everyone to enjoy the health benefits of frequent posture changes, StanData has developed a Universal Mode that works with any sit-stand solution.

While not directly connected and able to control the sit stand workstation, this mode allows users of manual sit-stand workstations or older electric workstations to track transitions and schedule reminders. And, like the user version of our Connected version it will ALWAYS BE FREE.

Pilot Programs can also be conducted with our Universal software in conjunction with any of your sit-stand workstations no charge.

StanData’s Universal Product is being released in BETA mode as we continue development. It’s critical we get BETA users to help us improve the technology, user experience and design a connected upgrade path for this product.

If you are involved with Corporate Innovation within your organization, please contact us. We want to hear from you!

As we continue to develop our upgrade path, scheduled for full release for ‘Q3 of 2020, you will become one of our trusted advisors and have access to the new technology before it becomes public. Be part of a short list of individuals that will help us improve the product functionality and user experience.

Browser-Based Web Access Recommended For Most Users

No Software or App to Install. 

Mobile Apps

Download the App from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store and choose Universal or Connected Mode

Apple Store Google Play

Universal Mode Beta Testing Reporting:

For product feedback or issues, you can contact us and submit your user experience or bug report.

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