An end-to-end solution for the hybrid worker

At StanData, we ensure that focused work gets done more productively and efficiently — whether that focused work is being done in the office or remote.

To make this happen, the hybrid worker needs the proper tools to perform these tasks effectively. The proper tool is not a chair but a height-adjustable workstation. In the past, the value of this tool has been questioned. The tool works if it’s used properly.

That’s where StanData can help. GUARANTEED.

But if you or your employees do not have a height adjustable workstation, we can still help! This is why we’re partnering with LifeDesk to provide you with two best in class solutions –

  1. A SmartLegs by LifeDesk® conversion kit that transforms any fixed height desk into a height adjustable workstation
  2. Height adjustable desks that includes a unique Work from Home Desk design ideal for small home office footprints.

All LifeDesk® units are completely integrated with StanData technology and require no setup. Simply register and start using the software!

Whisper Quiet Motor

Quick & quiet, with built-in anti-collision sensitivity.

Universal Fit

Superior height range that is 33% better than other models.

Wellness Software

Included free with every LifeDesk. Reminds you to transition between sitting & standing.

Ergonomic Excellence

Selected as the preferred work-from-home solution by a Silicon Valley tech giant.

Space-Efficient Design

Designed to save space by easily fitting in any corner of your home.

Anti-Tip Base

Upgraded for superior stability at all heights, even on casters.

High-Quality Desktops

Contemporary fan shape, sleek materials and ergonomic design for optimal comfort.

Superior Health & Safety

Designed to reduce backaches and increase physical & mental energy.

I got the compact sit-stand workstation, and it has done wonders for me. I'm so impressed I want to share LifeDesk with all my friends/colleagues. I love this product so much.

Tony A.

The desk is AMAZING and was super simple to put together! My dad is using it as well & he has nothing but great things to say about it.

Jalen K.

The Small Footprint Sit-Stand Mobile Workstation is a perfect fit in my newly established home office, and helps mimic my work office experience during this work from home period.

Emily N.