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Available as a web solution via Google Chrome with no software to download

Or as an Android or iOS App

Set your proper desk heights based on stature

Set your proper desk heights based on stature

Set sit-stand transitions based on personal goals

Receive reminders and transition automatically

Compatible with SmartLegs by LifeDesk®

Automatically syncs with all SmartLegs by LifeDesk® products

Compatible with 40 Different Desk Manufacturers and as standalone software

Free / Always

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Minimum of 10 workstations

Ongoing employee wellness activity with a participation rate of 85% or higher

Full administrative rights to and privileges for all users to set up performance groups and view aggregated data

Works with any fixed height desk or height adjustable workstation

Hoteling and Hotdesking reservation system for improved facility usage

Performance metrics for teams and departments, both onsite & remote locations

Customizable Staff Survey Builder & Summary Tool

As low as $3.00/month/workstation

plus $25.00/workstation setup fee*

Enterprise PLUS

Minimum of 10 workstations

All the features of Enterprise, PLUS

A Smartlegs (™) accessory with built-in technology that converts an existing standalone or cubicle desk into a sit-stand workstation

No setup required

As low as $19.00/month*

No setup fee required

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Enterprise Volume Pricing and Details

 EnterpriseEnterprise PLUS**
DesksOne Time Setup Fee Per DeskMonthly Subscription Per Desk Per MonthOne Time Setup Fee Per Desk12 Month Subscription Per Desk Per Month*36 Month Subscription Per Desk Per MonthAdditional Monthly Subscriptions Per Desk Per Month

**All features of StanData Enterprise PLUS a SmartLegs by LifeDesk® accessory with built in technology.

Converts an existing standalone or cubicle desk into a sit-stand workstation.
Accessory is installed by replacing existing leg or bracket supports with telescoping SmartLegs™ unit.