Enterprise Software

Track and store sit-stand data at the Enterprise Level*

Organizations consistently strive to maximize their return on investment and enhance productivity.  The StanData Enterprise Software  was designed with that in mind.

With theStanData Enterprise Software, your company can now manage activity across the entire organization, by department or by workstation (identified by workstation ID) and even more. The data can be used to –

  • Measure Productivity – Feedback from our users has been that employees using the StanData Enterprise Software perform better than those that don’t. This can now be measured.
  • Maximize Your ROI – Tracking usage by department, allows organizations to “gamify” usage by creating interdepartmental contests for proper sit to stand usage.
  • Lower Health Insurance Costs – Just like health insurance carriers are offering rebates for gym memberships, we are currently working with health insurance carriers to offer rebates for proper desk usage by allowing enterprises to upload the data to the carrier.
  • Customize The Data to Fit Your Needs – One of our clients wanted to use the data to manage the power consumption on individual power circuits within their facility. We were able to provide a custom module which limits synchronous desk movement by number of desks and circuits specified by their administrator. If you have a unique requirement, we’d like to hear from you too!

*Enterprise level access is part of the Sit-Stand Pilot Program. Continued access after Pilot Program is available for a small per unit monthly charge based on number of units managed,

Test the benefits of StanData-powered sit-stand desks in your office with our Pilot Program.

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