After the duration of the Pilot Program, you will receive reports outlining the data anonymously collected from the program participants. A minimum of 10 participants is required for proper administration of the program.

Data is broken down into the following sections:

Subjective – Self report questionnaires, before and after the program measuring the subjective impact of the StanData app on the user’s comfort, health status, and productivity.

Objective –  Actual metrics produced from the desk usage rates both on a user basis and for the entire group. Data such as number of daily transitions, percent of time spent standing, number of active users overall and calories burned are available for review.

ROI Projection – Return on investment can be extrapolated for an entire organization based on utilization rates demonstrated in the Pilot Program, both on productivity increase and increased utilization.

Test the benefits of StanData-powered sit-stand desks in your office with our Pilot Program.

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