Protect Your Employees & Lessen Their Anxiety as They Return to the Office

Americans are fearful of returning to their workplaces amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and they need to know employers are doing everything possible to make the work environment safe. That means going beyond mask requirements, temperature checks, and heightened cleaning protocols.

Give them the StanData app for touchless control of their workstation via desktop or mobile device

StanData, when used in connected mode, works with Bluetooth-enabled electric sit-stand desks and allows users to raise or lower their desk using their mobile device or browser app.

Hands-free control

Hands-Free Control

Via Desktop or Mobile Device
The StanData App allows users to raise and lower their workstation from their personal device without touching the desk surface, furniture, or control pad and helps avoid the spread of germs.

Shared office space

Improved Ergonomics

StanData provides technology that will not only facilitate frequent desk transitions, but will also serve to educate the end user to ensure proper positioning and usage.
Shared office space

Contact Tracing

StanData’s enterprise software gives you a complete view of sit-stand desk usage throughout your facility, allowing you to see which employees have used a particular desk if an infection occurs and alert employees.


StanData is currently compatible with close to 40 brands of electric sit-stand desk. To determine if your electric height adjustable desk is compatible, take a look under the desk to view the controller and/or the motor housing to see if the desk was manufactured by Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Co. 

Not compatible?

We can help you convert your existing electric sit-stand desks.

The Conversion Process

Many of the motorized sit-stand units that have been deployed in corporate America can be converted into data producing devices capable of engaging your employees, enhancing their wellness and increasing their productivity. 

The process typically requires swapping out the control box, adding a data transmitter, and possibly replacing the handset switch depending upon brand and configuration. 

Have Questions?

Should you have questions, email us similar photos of the components under your desk and we will be able to make the determination for you.

Other information that may also be helpful for identification purposes:

  • The brand name of your desk (sometimes labeled on the handswitch)
  • The color of the wires that plug into the control box (either yellow or black)

Mobile Apps

Download the App from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store and choose Universal or Connected Mode

Apple Store Google Play

Contact us to learn more about how StanData can make your office safer.

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