Why StanData

StanData encourages users to stand more through transition reminders and helps individuals and businesses get the most of their investment.

Research shows…

Over 90% of sit-stand desk users aren’t aware of how often they should transition from sitting to standing throughout the day and as little as 7% of users use their sit-stand desks after three months. Using software-based reminders such as StanData increased standing rates and desk usage by 85%.

Why does it matter?

Obesity rates and the incidence of type 2 diabetes are at all-time highs, largely because of our sedentary lifestyles. Therefore, movement within the office has become a priority. But, productivity typically suffers when employees are not at their desk, making sit-stand workstations a great solution to improve movement and productivity. As a result, a proliferation of sit-stand devices has flooded the marketplace.

Unfortunately, these workstations have not necessarily improved employee health or posture and leave employers questioning whether the investment is worthwhile.

Did you know…

that as few as 7% of installed sit-stand workstations are used correctly after 3 months

Benefits of properly deployed sit-stand workstations

Simply standing instead of sitting is not a panacea. It has been shown that too much standing can be equally as harmful as too much sitting. Frequent postural transitions from sitting to standing and vice versa is the key to maximizing the health benefit of a sit-stand device, by both reducing levels of sedentarism and by minimizing the risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

For the Employee

  • Increased blood oxygen levels through better breathing
  • Post-prandial standing burns blood glucose
  • Postural Muscle Contraction increases LPL
  • Active Standing (NEAT) Burns Additional Calories
  • Reduced Hip Flexor Tightness for healthy back and reduced stress
  • Reduced Muscle Tension in Upper Body
  • Increased Blood Flow to Brain and Extremities, Reduced Fatigue
  • Reduced Disc Compression

For the employer

  • Productivity Increase
  • Reduce Absenteeism Rates
  • Reduce Presenteeism Levels
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Talent Attraction
  • Disease Management
  • MSD Incidence Reduction

Increase Usage

Typically, 90% of sit-stand desks go unused after three months. With StanData, users are more likely to use their workstation properly and have reported a 70% increase in comfort as a result.

Improve Productivity

Users of sit-stand desks combined with the StanData reported that their engagement and productivity increased with better transition tracking, improving their health and the bottom line. Download the Report.

Works with Any Desk

StanData provides two modes of operation. Universal Beta works with any sit-stand desk to improve the user experience. Connect to a Bluetooth enabled device to experience StanData's full benefits.

How do you improve your desk usage? StanData.

StanData provides technology that will not only facilitate frequent desk transition, but will also serve to educate the user to ensure proper positioning and usage protocols. Users of StanData-powered desks are more engaged, more productive and experience a myriad of wellness benefits from their sit-stand workstation or desk.

Engage Employees

Encourage your employees to use StanData with their sit-stand workstation and start seeing benefits.

Regardless of the type of sit-stand workstations at your organization, whether manual or electric, new or old, you can use StanData to track desk usage and engage employees to help improve their health and productivity.*

Enterprise Reporting

Test the benefits of StanData-powered sit-stand desks in your office with our Pilot Program.

We invite you to prove it to yourself. Use StanData’s software with 10 of your existing sit-stand desks and we’ll give you access to the data so you can assess whether the desks are making an impact to your bottom line.

*Warning: According to many health professionals, manual devices, when overloaded or not set properly, may cause physical pain to the user when attempting to raise or lower the worksurface. Should you experience pain or discomfort when raising or lowering your manual sit-stand, discontinue using the product and the software.

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