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Obesity rates and the incidence of type 2 diabetes are at all-time highs, largely a result of our sedentary lifestyles. Movement within the office has therefore become a priority thru various corporate wellness programs, but productivity typically suffers when employees are not at their desk. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are also a huge financial drain on employers largely due to poor sitting postures resulting from ill-fitting workstations. As a result, a proliferation of sit-stand devices has flooded the marketplace and employers are left questioning whether the investment is worthwhile, especially when abandon rates of about 90% after 90 days usage are reported.

Some would have you believe that simply standing instead of sitting is a panacea, but it has been shown that too much standing can be equally as harmful as too much sitting. In ergonomics, the common advice is “Your Next Posture Is the Best Posture,” emphasizing the need for regular movement. Frequent postural transition from sitting to standing and vice versa is the key to maximizing the health benefit of a Sit-Stand device, by both reducing levels of sedentarism and by minimizing the risk of MSDs.

As an example, to reduce one’s daily sedentarism by two hours, one would be better off physically by standing for fifteen minutes at a time, eight times per day, rather than spending two consecutive hours in a stance mode. Twelve transitions to standing with each bout lasting ten minutes, would be of even greater benefit in this scenario.

When used as such, a sit-stand desk can become a valuable resource in the fight against inactivity while still promoting productivity.

How does one facilitate proper desk usage? Standata 

StanData provides technology that will not only facilitate frequent desk transition, but will also serve to educate the end user to ensure proper positioning and usage protocols. Users of StanData powered desks are more engaged, more productive and experience a myriad of wellness benefits from their sit-stand. Self-report surveys of StanData users prove it.

We invite you to prove it to yourself. Convert 10 of your existing electric sit-stand desks into StanData powered units and we’ll give you access to the data so you can assess whether the desks are making an impact to your bottom line.

How StanData Technology can impact your organization

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